France ULM has a fleet of machines that provide training and discovery flights


A gyrocopter is an aircraft that looks like a helicopter.
The apparatus is relieved by the rotation of a main rotor in the horizontal plane and propelled by a propeller driven by a small motor in the vertical plane, the direction being provided by a rudder and the inclination of the plane of levitation of the rotor in the horizontal plane.

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It's a helicopter called "ultra-light".

As a result, unlike a conventional helicopter, we are limited to 2 seats and a maximum mass of 450 kg on takeoff.


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  •  One H3 (Dynali)



For all those who dream of flying a plane at lower cost,
the three-axes microlight is the solution that will bring you all the satisfaction of travel, because it is a machine to travel.

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A trike is a microlight that is controlled by displacement of the center of gravity. The maneuvers are performed by moving the weight of the pendulum consisting of the carriage and the body of the pilot, relative to the wing.

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